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Relationships Matter. It’s always about the numbers, but it’s not always about the numbers. Look forward to using Sales Community to leverage relationships and learning more. Sales Community is invaluable to me as a sales leader.
Jim Hart
Vice President of Sales - Central US
Networking is the key and excited to have Randy bring us all together!
Jim Sullivan
President & CEO
NWN Corporation
Great tool for understanding how to connect to members of my team
Anu Gupta
Pinnacle Energy Group
Networking is the key and excited to have Randy bring us all together!
Jim Sullivan
President & CEO
NWN Corporation
I appreciate your leadership over the years. But something I appreciate probably more than that is just your commitment and loyalty to your family, to your children and being there for their sporting events and finding a time to live that balanced. Between your professional career and all the success you had in making sure that family is first and foremost top of mind for you.
Carl Eschenbach
Sequoia Capital
I’m excited and honored to be part of this community. It’s a great way to share knowledge and insights to foster strategic dialogue. I look forward to getting exposure to new ideas and different perspectives.
Mary Beth Vassallo
Vice President - Sales
“Hi Randy, it's Chris Hasenbein. I love the community you have built. For sales professionals BDMs to CROs it fills a huge gap to share best practices from an all star lineup from your deep network. I'm loving the Tech Sales Insights interviews. Just finished the David Reilly episode and it was pure GOLD!!! Amazing view behind the curtain with a Wall Street legend. I love hearing all the stories from the people I have worked with in the past that are on your episodes. Reminds me of back in the early EMC days and HP. Also, that interview on how to choose a company was spot on for me to choose between the multiple offers I received. And now I’m loving the “First 90 Days” interview and the write up in your book.” Keep going back to your book as well which is full of dog eared pages and highlighted gems. Thanks!!”
Chris Hasenbein
Theta Lake
Love the Sales Community and we already had a quick win. We had a customer issue and needed a vendor escalation on a Saturday. I was able to connect with an Advisory Board member the same day and get resolved. Thanks!
Majdi Daher
CEO & Founder Denali Advanced Integration
Sales Community presents me a unique and exciting opportunity to easily share and learn with my peers which will in turn make my team better.
Michael Connolly
Chief Revenue Officer
Corero Network
"Navigating my way around Sales Community and loving it. Some great insights in discussion! Awesome job Randy and team!
Mike Cotoia
I've been catching up on the content and podcasts over the past few weeks, and have been really enjoying all aspects of the collective thought leadership. Thank you for the initiative to begin the community - I would be happy to tell friends to join, and share this with my network.
Stephanie Cullinan
Instart Logic
The great thing about Sales Community is the caliber of members right out of the gate. Randy is one of the most well-connected executives in tech, and he's assembled a community of leaders from that network. There is an impressive breadth and depth of experience and knowledge amongst the group.
Keegan Riley
Chief Revenue Officer
The Sales Community is the definitive destination to meet and engage other sharp tech sales professionals, learn from very capable and competent managers, and get inspired by visionary sales leaders.
David Nour
The Nour Group
This is an awesome platform for all ages and tenure in sales. It's like the AFCA (American Football Coaches Association) for sales professionals.
Frank Sheehan
Randy has been an invaluable partner since his firm placed me in a Asia Pacific leadership role late 2018. He remains accessible and is launching a great program with Sales Commnunity!
Robert Chu
Vice President,/MD, Alliances Business, Asia Pacific/Japan
"I love what you guys are doing. Early sellers, you've gotta tap into this. There's a trove of information and experience here that Randy has put together in the Sales Community and I think it's priceless."
Steve Fitz
Chief Revenue Officer
Sumo Logic
Sales Community has enabled me to connect with new contacts and reconnect with past professional relationships.
Jim Ball
Vice President and General Manager
Sales Community Is Amazing! I cant wait to learn more.
Adrian Jones
CEO and Co-Founder
Automation Anywhere
Only two types of people in this world... Those in the Sales Community selling more and those not learning from the Sales Community, grinding every hour and every day.
George Hope
Worldwide Head of Partner Sales
Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
I enjoyed the conversation and the topic - like that you go beyond just the professional - that you cover my whole life and how to use these tools across the board. Love the energy on the call!
Scott Genereux
Veritas Technologies
Sales community is an important network to connect and enable high performing sales teams and leaders around the world.
Paola Doebel
SVP & Managing Director of North America
Wow Sales Community so much better now! Love the transition to 2.0! Site is great now and love the weekly Tech Sales Insights with the AMA, yesterday’s 10X with Nour huge value, engagement discussions, career feedback (like Kevin Haverty this week), networking, content library, DYL’s, and sales advice for this new digital norm. Thanks!
Austin Doerr
Senior Enterprise Account Executive
Randy is building a sales focused community that will bring together some of the best sales professionals. What a great way to improve and hone our sales skills.
Sal Maita
Director GTM Hardware
It comes down to building and selling great products that take away pain or create opportunity for clients
Richard Napolitano
Chief Executive Officer
I liked the speed of this session and have two things I nned to study: love languages & DISC. Thanks for the session!
Eric Griffing
Very thankful for these sessions - have a great holiday!
Michael Minelli
Automation Anywhere
Randy wanted to let you know your podcast with David Nour has been incredibly impactful for me. I’m in my first year as a director of channels at Wasabi and the guests you bring on - and their insights have struck a major chord with me this winter. I’m a sponge for these types of perspectives! Looking forward to the upcoming episodes. I also saw a nice uptick in LinkedIn traffic to my profile after joining Sales Community, that’s for sure. Look forward to Sales Community!
Dean Archibald
Wasabi Technologies
Sellers need a community of their own, not a watered-down industrialized version of Facebook. This is exactly what we need to learn, share and grow. Just got a sneak peak of Sales Community 2.0 and the mobile app and they are awesome. All sales info and help all the time. I recommend highly for any sales professional or leader who wants to network and improve in their craft.
Phil Castillo
EVP Worldwide Sales
Sales Community is innovative and fills a real need in our market. Well done Randy, I am excited to participate and help drive growth and success for this community.
Terry Richardson
NA Channel Chief
Randy, another great webinar. Love the pace and energy. Seems like everything was right at Tony's fingers when needed. Thanks!
Tom Downey
Linking with other seasoned sales professionals on current conditions and issues is a great tool for anyone looking to master their productivity in their trade.
Frank Sacco
Sales Leader
TrapX Security
The sales industry is in need of a community like this and Randy is the perfect person to develop and lead this important set of teachings and relationships.
Rob Schaeffer
If you don’t know Randy, he is the most efficient human on the planet. Just in terms of optimizing his time, he’s very successful, and built an incredible business. Randy is just phenomenal at figuring out how to maximize every minute. I call Randy the most networked person I know.
Jeff Casale
Chief Executive Officer
I learn from each session and the take aways are great!
Dan Sullivan
I would consider Randy the kindest most giving person I’ve ever known and I mean that in the personal sense and professionally. When he gets involved with a company, he goes to bat with the founder and sales team. He takes each relationship to heart and he will run through walls. He is just amazing, the ability for someone to leverage their network to help companies accelerate their growth.
Peter Bell
Former General Partner
amity ventures
Relationships Matter. It’s always about the numbers, but it’s not always about the numbers. Look forward to using Sales Community to leverage relationships and learning more. Sales Community is invaluable to me as a sales leader.
Jim Hart
Vice President of Sales - Central US
"I'm excited to finally have a community of go-to-market professionals, its about time!"
Ed Walsh
Chief Executive Officer
Great reminder and I'm a big believer in DISC in both theory and practice. Thanks for netting it out for a "D"!
Mark Dickey
Chief Revenue Officer
"I am very excited about Sales Community. Should be a big help to many of my portfolio companies"
Jere Doyle
General Partner
Boston College
Congratulations Randy Seidl on launching Sales Community opening up an awesome network for one of the most connected and effective sales leaders and mentors in the business. Whether starting your career or well into it this is a community you will want to be a part of and be better for it. Good luck!
Bill Hogan
Chief Revenue Officer
Security Scorecard
I am a huge fan and supporter of Sales Community. It is a great way to expand your network, gain some unique ideas to sell more, and a forum to share ideas. I highly recommend you try it!
Jas Sood
Senior Vice President Of Sales - US Enterprise
Love the networking and can never get enough insights from Tony Jeary and David Nour, thanks!
Tom Haydanek
Previously Vice President of Sales, Hybrid Cloud Services

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