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How does Sales Community help you sell more?

Executives Share Best Practices

Best practices from the Advisory Board and members will be shared in the content library and through virtual events with CEO’s and Sales Executives from leading technology companies.

Learn what works from the experts at any level in your career.

Q&A Sessions w/ Advisory Board

Get direct, personal advice from Q&A sessions moderated with top CEO, CIO, CISO, CFO, and other executive leaders that might be customers or you might be selling to.

Channel Partner Opportunities

Speed pass for help with specific escalations from Advisory Board members and Randy's relationships.

Visibility to accounts that vendor and ISV sales reps want help with.

Private Member Only Network

Our private group discussion boards allow for networking across channels and disciplines. Benefit from learning and sharing best practices with other members. Scale up and improve all aspects of your sales process.

Sales Consultant Workshops

Expert led monthly training and webinars from leading sales training companies with the best sales methodologies, all recommended by the Advisory Board.

Account Specific Networking

Share and partner with your peers on your target accounts. Feel free to ask the community if anyone can help and offer accounts where you can help those that help you.

Templates, Tools, and Tactics

Evolving and growing library of best in class available sales training, templates, tools, and playbooks. Categorized by topic and roles. Real tactics to sell more.

For you, your team create a learning road map.

Top Executive Coaching

Unique access to Randy’s impactful executive coaches and thought leaders such as Tony Jeary ( and Dave Nour ( through monthly virtual events and content in the library.

BONUS: Member Only Perks

Network with old friends/colleagues, meet new friends, build relationships that matter and will improve your career.

Weekly newsletter of the best posts and content.

Improve your company and personal brand.

Member Recommendations for Work (sales incentive trips, sales kick offs, books, etc) and Non-Work Experiences.

One Global Community for Sales Professionals

Because we are a paid community, Sales Community attracts ambitious people who take Sales very seriously. Everyone's here to make real connections and get better results. And because it's private, experts share candid ideas not often published anywhere else. There are no "dumb" questions—and nobody's afraid to dish their best advice.

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